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Faculty Development

Melbourne Teaching Certificate, University of Melbourne

In 2015 I completed the Melbourne Teaching Certificate, a professional development program for staff with teaching responsibilities at the University of Melbourne. This involved six face-to-face workshops, a written assignment to reflect on the assessment of a subject, and peer reviews of my teaching activities.​

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Teaching and Tutoring

Faculty of Engineering, Kyoto University of Advanced Science


Android App Development, April 2020 - 

My teaching is in line with the ISTE standard (International Society for Technology in Education). My mission is to prepare students to thrive in the Innovation Age by teaching them to think at three levels: 

  • WHAT: what is the basic concept?

  • SO WHAT: what is its relevance and what is it related to? 

  • NOW WHAT: what can I do with what I have learned to find solutions to unmet needs?

I aim to use app development process to help students develop the key competences for 21st-century learners, aka. the ”Four Cs”: Creativity, Critical Thinking, Communication, and Collaboration.


I'm also committed to educational research surrounding learning design for integrating technology and incorporating the 4Cs. I combine a variety of learning technologies in my class to enhance students' learning experience and outcomes. 


Currently we are organizing a special track in the IEEE International Conference on Teaching, Assessment and Learning for Engineering (TALE) 2020, which will take place on 8-11 December in Takamatsu, Japan. 

  Selected Publications  

  • Liang Z, da Costa Junior MG, Piumarta I (2020) Opportunities for improving the learning/teaching experience in a virtual online environment. TALE 2020, Takamatsu, Japan. (To appear)  Scopus 

Faculty of Engineering, Kyoto University of Advanced Science

Supporting Lecturer

Information Literacy, Sep 2020 - 


Web Development in Cloud: Hands-on Lecture for Personal Informatics, Sep 2017- Mar 2019

  Selected Publications  

Dept of Computing and Information Science (CIS), University of Melbourne

Teaching Assistant

Engineering Computation (C Language Programming), Jul - Nov 2015

Dept of Electrical Engineering and Information Systems (EEIS), The University of Tokyo

Teaching Assistant

Data Visualization (d3.js), Oct 2014 –Mar 2015

Mathematics, Apr 2010 –Sep 2013

English for Engineers and Scientists, Oct 2010 –Mar 2011

Special English Lecture, Oct 2009 –Mar 2010

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