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StudySpectrum: developing mobile app to support tracking and visualizing learning orchestration

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

Study Level

Postdocs, PhD, master, undergraduate, intern, exchange/visiting student


In a blended learning environment where learning activities span across physical and digital spaces, effective learning relies heavily on a students' ability to manage these activities in real time. How a teacher manages multi-layered learning activities in a multi-constraints context is known as classroom orchestration [1]. In this project we expand the scope of classroom orchestration to cover learning activities both in and outside classroom, with the purpose of generating a full spectrum of a user's learning activity record.

This project aims to develop a mobile app—StudySpectrum—that enables the tracking and visualizing of learning activities in and outside classroom. StudySpectrum generates a digital footprint of learning orchestration that allows teachers to reflect their teaching in-and-on-action.

[1] P Dillenbourg (2013). Design for classroom orchestration. Computers & Education 69:485-492.

Research activities

This research project may involve the following activities:

  • systematic literature reviews to understand the theoretical foundation of classroom orchestration

  • prototype development of StudySpectrum with different platforms (e.g., iOS, Android, web)

  • data visualization design and user experience evaluations

  • field study of StudySpectrum with instructors and students

  • quantitative and qualitative data analysis

  • co-author research papers and give presentations in academic conferences


Upon conclusion of this research, you will gain:

  • experience in app development.

  • knowledge in both quantitative and qualitative research methods.

  • domain knowledge in educational technology and learning analytics.

  • knowledge in human computer interaction.

  • skills in project management and technical communication.

Skills and experience

As the ideal candidate, you'll have a passion for improving teaching and learning and a strong background in interactive design/human-computer interaction or app development.


  • Dr. Mario Alberto Chapa-Martell (Silver Egg Technology, Japan)

  • Dr. Satoshi Nishimura (AIST, Japan)

  • Dr. Takuichi Nishimura (AIST, Japan)

Selected Publications

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